About us

About us

Norwegian Moose Centre was first established in 2006, located at Gravberget (Våler), but was sadly bankrupt in 2012. The new owners of the moose came from the Stor-Elvdal county so in 2013 the moose got moved from Gravberget to Evenstad and since then they have been taken care of by vets and feeding personnel on campus. It was not until 2016 that we started to work on opening a Moose Centre, so that visitors can experience the moose and at the same time get knowledge about both moose and ecology.

We are constantly working on developing and wish to present brand new research information for our visitors.


Project manager: Ruben Bøtun
Phone: +47 9576 1717
E-mail: ruben.botun@inn.no

Guide/receptionist: (now hiring)