The opening of Norwegian Moose Centre June 16th at Evenstad

Norwegian Moose Centre

The opening of Norwegian Moose Centre June 16th at Evenstad

While, this year the Norwegian Moose Centre have returned to Hedmark state, the moose have been ‘moo’ved on to “the moose paradise” at Evenstad in Stor-Elvdal County.

While we have been considering how we can make your ‘moose experience’ as good as possible, we really want you to get to grips with both the moose and the ecology surrounding the moose.

Did you know that moose is the biggest land mammal in Norway?

Looking for love

Ronja and Idun are our two beautiful female moose and we are searching for suitable boyfriends for them at the moment in the hope that our Moose Centre will increase in numbers. At the same time, we are also working on expanding area of forest and wildlife, so the moose will feel like they are really at home.

Moose Centre

This is located at campus Evenstad, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. Our research in ecology means that we are able to provide the most up to date information to our visitors.

We are innovative, forward-thinking and will enable you to both learn more about and experience moose at a close range.

We are looking forward to the opening on Friday the 16th of June and wish everyone welcome.

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